Thursday, 1 November 2012

First day!

knitting got out of hand..
(from the web so if it's your pic, let me know, so I can credit you!)
Woke up this morning in a panic. 

I had a dream about knitting getting 'out of hand' and taking over the house...I was relieved to discover I wasn't surrounded by massive knitting needles and balls of wool, it was just the start of The 'Love What You Wear' Project! 

Am very excited to say that five other lovely ladies will also be taking part in the challenge! Warm welcome to Cilla, Amanda, Ginny, Jaimie and Jen!

If they agree, I'll post a little bio and a photo of them and what they hope to get out of the project too. And it's not too late to join in - so if you fancy it - let me know!

The lovely Jen is already two months into her own project called 'My Make Do and Mend Year'. Jen is going one step further and not buying ANYTHING new at all for a year. Quite a challenge and an inspiration!

And it turns out that Ginny is the co-author of 'Home Sweet Sewn', one of the books I actually have on my desk and am planning on referring to for inspiration! (we were connected via twitter and Jen!) Twitter is pretty amazing really isn't it.

A cute Vicuna -
World's rarest and finest wool
I wonder, who else from the books I have on my desk will I end up getting 'connected to' in some way? 

Had forgotten to mention here that I was *very* excited to have received a tweet and be 'followed' by 'Through the eye of a needle' author and Sunday Times journalist, John Paul-Flintoff himself the other day! (OK I did tweet him first!) 

I did wonder how long that would last after sending back a very enthusiastic tweet! Was relieved what I received a ;-) in return. *phew* 

So on to 'making'... I haven't actually started to make anything yet. I've been listening to the very interesting Ethical Fashion Forum online seminars today (more on that later) and have learnt lots (including that the world's most expensive wool is called Vicuna and comes from an orange llama style animal that lives high up in the Peruvian mountains. And that you can also get wool from the musk ox called Qiviut) These are rare so I'm not about to use either of those materials -  I just find it fascinating.  

A Musk Ox - 'Qiviut'
not as cute as the Vicuna!
These seminars have sparked ideas for this project though. I am very keen to try 'different' materials if I can for the items I'm going to make. I seem to have a slight obsession with using nettle fabric, so am very keen to try using that. If I can actually get hold of any.

It also dawned on me this morning, that I do have a special event next March to make something for! Some friends are getting married, so have decided I will aim to make an outfit to wear for that. I'm hoping that will actually give me enough time to make something that looks 
a) presentable b) unsack like  and well, nice. Time will tell....

I have also decided that my first 'making' project is going to be a skirt. I have some tweed type fabric that I bought a while ago that I think will be perfect. So now am looking for a simple pattern to get me started. 

Panic has turned to excitement again..for now at least!

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