Sunday, 11 November 2012

Woolly jumper to cardi - in progress

Ended up doing lots of other things today, so didn't get to have a go with upcycling the jumper to cardi until this evening. 

So here’s where I’m at so far:

I’d dismantled (I mistakenly said 'dismembered' earlier, only to think - hmm that's not quite what I mean!) the jumper yesterday (umm ok whilst watching strictly!) So it was already in pieces to pin up. 

I think I’d also been putting off cutting it, as I wasn't sure what would happen and if the wool would unravel.  In the end though I just went for it.
I measured a top I already had to get the right width and then pinned it up. I also did the same for the sleeves. 

At the moment the collar isn't long enough to go all the way around so will need to have a think about what I can do with that.  

Also, if I want the front to overlap so I can add buttons, I’ll need to allow extra on the front panels for that – so I can just move them out a bit I think.

Pretty pleased with it so far!

Won’t be able to do any more on it until later in the week, but that should give me a chance to come up with an idea for the collar. I’d like to add some pockets too. :-)

How it looks so far


  1. This is probably a silly question but I have a load of oversized but beautiful knitwear so i was wondering how you hem the cut edges. Do you use sewing machine or needle & wool? I'm afraid that my edges will go all wavy if the tension is not right- if you know what I mean... Thanks K

  2. not silly at all. well just discovered what you mean about it going curly as I've just zig zag stitched along the cut and that's what has happened. I think if I had sewn it by hand will wool it would have been ok.


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