Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Books, magazines and patterns

Books! Books! Books!

Blimey! I've got A LOT of books. Trouble is I LOVE books! 

So after lots of rummaging around I've collected together all (I think) the books and magazines I currently have that are related to sewing/making in some way. 

I have 16 books and a pile of mags dating back to 2009....So I think I have plenty to get me started. 

Magazines and patterns

I've also found the old patterns I'd bought a while back just because I loved them. I have no idea if I need to convert the sizing of old patterns? 

Am particularly fond of the 'Onesie' outfit pattern I discovered. I did have the 'brief' thought of making an adult sized version as it would be 'snuggly' but noticed that as the zip is on the back - once you're in it. That's it. You can't get out!! 

And also realised that as my knitting skills have a little to be desired it would properly take me 

many years and copious balls of wool to make it! So that idea has been scrapped!

I also have a little dream.....

To go to the amazing Burgh Island off the coast of Devon, wearing the clothes I've made and in particular, a 1930s inspired evening gown....

It is crazily expensive though.....well, a girl can dream! ;-)

ooh and to go with my handmade gown - some handmade shoes! That would be lovely! ;-)

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire - So stylish!


  1. I think u have enough to keep u going!! Can't wait to get started, I have a cool cardie that needs revamping so that will be my first project and then my next plan is to knit myself a jumper! God knows how long it will take but I have tons of wool to use up so it will be eco friendly (Ish!) wish I had a sewing machine but my sis does so i will nag her into making some clothes for me! My short term goal is to make it to Christmas...we will see! Good luck hunni

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  3. Excellent! Send me some pics of your cardi and your wool stash (if you'd like too that is!) so I can post on the blog. And send me a little bio about you and why you're doing this project. Once we've made something we'll have to go out to celebrate! xx

  4. and Amanda that's awesome you're going to knit yourself a jumper! wow. That will be a future project for me I think. Although I might go for learning crochet instead as that's faster? I'm a tad impatient! Good luck! xx

  5. just as i was thinking I need some new clothes I saw you facebook post to join in! perfect timing!

  6. Excellent - And Welcome to the project! Will be great as we can all encourage each other and share what we are up to! x


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