Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to our first fella and goals for the week

Welcome to Dominic, who joins us today. *hello*

Dominic and his wife have already spent a year not buying any new clothes, and so they are already well experienced! (have asked for some tips). 
White Stuff skirt I like for inspiration

I want to set my goals for the week. And thought I’d be brave and post them here! Basically to have them written somewhere that wasn't just a random piece of paper that I’m bound to ‘tidy away’ i.e lose.

We’re having a ‘pre-Christmas’ family get together the second weekend of December – so that’s now become my target date to make my skirt!! eek – that’s a month away so surely I must be able to make it by then!  I really want it to be ‘nice’ so taking my time a bit in finding a pattern and looking at ideas. Oh and knowing what ‘actually’ suits me. I’d hate to spend lots of time making it only to discover that a ‘puffball’ skirt just isn't the right look for me...!
So have decided it’s going to be an A-line (I already have a Monsoon skirt that’s this kind of style and I like that so that’s a good start!) and I’d love to have some kind of pattern/design on it – but am not sure yet how I’ll do that. 
I really like this skirt from White Stuff – so that’s inspired me. And it was such a beautiful day today I did pop-out for a short walk and was looking for inspiration from the trees and plants/seed heads I saw.  And do I add that after I've made up the skirt so it’s lined up correctly or do I do it after cutting out and before joining up?
Am trying not to be too ambitious, but do want to make something I’m actually going to ‘like’ wearing!!
  • Take own measurements and adjust dressmakers mannequin (going to need help with this!)
  • Is the pink wool fabric I have actually enough to make a skirt? It measures 93 cm wide x 138 cm Length – I *think* so but not really sure?
  • Choose a pattern I like
  • Work out what else I’ll need – might need a zip, I have some blk lining (will that be ok?) and tread already that’s pretty much the right colour.
  • Decide on what kind of design I'll add
  • Cut out the fabric!!
What are your goals for the week?  Let me know! x


  1. What a great challenge you've set yourself. I've been gradually buying my Winter wardrobe from charity shops and ebay. Love that skirt.

  2. Hi! I know was wondering what quite I was doing yesterday as I was tempted by a rather beautiful coat! But stayed strong. Cool - is this something you've done for a while? There are now 20 other people who have joined me on this challenge!
    I know such a lovely skirt. Lets see how my version turns out! And you are welcome to join too - if you'd like! ;-)


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