Saturday, 3 November 2012

Another joiner and a few lists

Skirt length. No idea how old this fabric is!

Welcome to Sarah, who has joined us today! And I’m just loving everyone’s enthusiasm! YEAH!

I've been having a think about what I’d really like to make over the coming year and have come up with a little list. (I do like a list)

Things I’d like to make
  • A skirt (have fabric but no pattern)
  • A maxi-dress (have fabric and two patterns)
  • PJs (have the pattern)
  • Summer Linen Trousers (have fabric and pattern)
  • An evening dress (have fabric but no pattern)
  • Three summer tops (have the patterns and some fabric)
  • Crochet a shawl
  • Knit some socks
  • Make some knickers! (I know I’d excluded underwear from this challenge – but figured I’d have a go!)

Am sure this will grow but think it’s enough to be getting along with! Am surprised actually at how much I already have. (I know I’m not the only one!)
Charity shop buy years ago.
£1.50 and £3.00. 

Things I’d like to learn/have a go at
  • How to use the button foot on my sewing machine
  • Freehand machine embroidery
  • How to crochet
  • Improve my knitting and be able to follow a pattern
  • Dying with natural plant dyes
  • How to make my own patterns
  • Spin some yarn from a real live animal! Doesn't have to be a sheep! (won’t be a Vicuna mind..!)

Think this will grow too as I go along and I discover more things!!

I've also been thinking about how best to keep going (other than the fact there are now 19 of us doing this!) and I know what helped me when I did the 30 Day Challenge, earlier this year  (you can read about that here. And watch the little video I made here. Not the best in the world but was rather pleased with it as it was the first one I’d ever made!)

This was setting a weekly goal and also ‘checking-in’ on how I was getting on (and not being hard on myself if I didn't achieve my goal – but just working out why and then what I can do differently the following week) plus the biggest thing was the support from the rest of the people also doing the 30 Day Challenge.

And now that there is a fab group of other lovely ladies going this with me – it’s going to be AMAZING!

so thank you! x

And I’ll end this post with a great quote from an article that Ginny shared with the group which you can read here (I know I posted this on FB already but is something worth repeating (as I need to remind myself of it!):

"When you start, it will look like crap. Perhaps we tend not to try new things because we expect perfection right out of the gate, but you should know that nothing is perfect on the first try."

And that MISTAKES are GOOD! That’s how we learn!

Right then. I’d better stop faffing about and get on with it!!

Have you got a list of things you’d like to make or learn over the year? Why not share them below.


  1. Hey babe !

    firstly well done on getting 19 people to join this brilliant plan !

    as a massive consumer my reason for joining u (other than cos it u!) is to make me think about what I buy and why .

    I love that quote that says "don't have anything in your home which you either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" yet my home is overflowing with crap! Esp.clothes .

    So my first challenge to myself is to completely empty my wardrobe, drawers everything to see what I've actually got. Then see what actually fits me (ahem) and sort out what to do with it all.

    My list of things I want to make are these...
    1. Knit something other than a scarf or tea cosy, perhaps a skirt or jumper? But def something with a pattern!
    2. After much desperation and drama at school I have no intention of buying a sewing machine so I will have to learn to take up hems and sew on buttons by hand if I am to have any hope of surviving this year without looking like a shambles. maybe even sew some new pants? They can't be that difficult?
    3. Buy more preloved clothes (something I have always avoided)m
    4 last but not least....
    shop more ethically for friends and rellies for chrimbo.

    Blah blah blah! That's a big list but I feel better now I've written it down, more committed!

    Can't wait to see/meet all your other crazy ladies Mo !

    Big hugs
    Amanda aka costkytrinket !

    1. Excellent! I was rubbish to sewing at school too(maybe it was just the teacher...;-0 so never thought I'd actually end up with my own sewing machine and actually rather enjoying it!! So maybe worth a second shot on your sisters?!

      Yep - that is a great quote and def one that fits this challenge. ;-)

      hee hee who ya calling crazy..;-p

      A 'make your own knickers' workshop sounds like it could be on the cards then?


  2. Hi ladies!

    Love that quote too Amanda!

    my list of things i want to make or refashion - in no particular order:

    - skirts- pencil, a-line and maxi
    - cosy things- slippers, a hat,long gloves
    - a maxi-dress or 2
    - tops
    - pj's
    - simple but stylish trousers
    - knee length dress- simple clean silhouette

    Have already cleared out my wardrobe, phew! Have a giant suitcase full so i'm ready for clothes swapping and refashioning. Have a clothes swap lined up for the end fo the month but n eed to get making ASAP, hardly anything left in the wardrobe! :)

    My fabric stash still to be rummaged through but i'm certain sure there are pieces in there perfect for some of those wishes!!! actually one piece is being used as a table cloth at the mo! hee!

    loving using pinterest for inspiration btw! thank you Morwhenna!

    can't wait to hear more from you all.

    Jaimie x

    1. Fab Jaimie, you've done loads already!

      Great list - do you have a PJ pattern already? yes wonder how many of those things you'll be able to make with the fabric you already have.

      Maybe we can set up some kind of swap system between us as another resource? Just an idea.

      Great to see you're using the pinterest boards - yes think they are working really well.

      I've yet to sort my wardrobe actually as most my my clothes are still in boxes (home renovations) but I do know what pieces I have to alter...!


  3. Oh I have a HUGE list!
    Learning to crochet, and then making a crocheted anything!
    Pants-have just done a post about it on the blog!
    Slippers-I have made some for me, but still need to make for the Smalls and hubby
    Sure there's lots more, but can't think for now!

    1. :-) thought you might! Looking forward to seeing how the pants turn out and if those tutorials are any good!


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