Monday, 19 November 2012

A clear winter pear. That’s me!

Over the weekend I dipped my toe into the world of colour analysis and body shape.

The charity shop dress
After buying a delicious hot pink dress at a charity shop last week.  (which was too big for me, but was a monsoon dress that still had it’s tags for £12 – I had to snap it up) I nearly didn't buy it, but discovered it looked better on the ‘wrong way around’ so decided to buy it and then take it in to fit me.  Although I also wasn't that sure about the colour..

Anyway this whole experience got me thinking about colour and shape/styles.

What colours really suit me? What ‘body shape’ am I?

So I thought it would be a good idea to try and find out.

Plan being that by doing this it will eliminate or at the very least minimise any ‘errors’ in fabrics I *might* have bought and styles I make. After all,  If I’m going to be investing time and energy making something I’d really like it to work and well, compliment my figure. I can’t just take it back if it isn't right!

So first things first had a trawl of the internet and a conversation on twitter about what colours we are and how best to find out. Ginny and Catherine both shared some really helpful links. But to be honest I found it pretty difficult to work out what I was.

It’s no longer just the ‘four seasons’ of the colour me beautiful days in the 80s. There are now 16 options to choose from!!

Am I Light, Deep, Clear, Muted, Warm OR CoolAnd then what season am I? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

I was a bit confused.

At first I thought I was a ‘deep winter’ but that didn't really fit as I have blue/grey eyes and deeps have brown maybe I’m a ‘cool winter’??

I’d established the ‘winter bit’ down to the fact I have dark brown hair and quite a pale complexion.

Even the quizzes I was doing didn't really help! (I can see why people go to have their ‘colours done’ professionally)

I did get a bit bored by this point and was thinking ‘surely it can’t be that difficult to work it out?? I was going to give up – but realised that wasn't really going to help me. So I enlisted the help of my fella. And by looking at the different options as well as celebrities who had similar colouring to me. Was able to work out that I’m more Megan Fox and Liv Tyler than I am Anne Hathaway or Demi Moore.  Which meant ‘Clear Winter.’

*phew* cracked it.

So what does this actually mean ‘colour wise’

Good colours are:

From Left: Medium gray, charcoal, black, dark taupe, icy grey, taupe, icy blue, icy lavender, lavender, icy pink, clear red, raspberry, raspberry pink, aubergine, icy yellow, bright golden yellow, hot turquoise, emerald turquoise, purple, dark purple, royal blue, navy.

Avoid: dusty muted colours, pastels (opt for Icy versions of colours instead).  I ‘kinda’ knew already that I look totally washed out in any pastel colours. 

Here’s a link to the sites I used for colour analysis:

You might need to enlist some help! Let me know how you get on! ;-)

Next was body shape. 

This was a bit easier..esp as I interviewed a lovely stylist for another project recently (you can read that here) and was told I was a cross between a pear and an apple – so a pearple...!

But what did that ‘actually’ mean?

This was easy in comparison to find out (thank goodness). And I’m more pear than apple. And that being a pear is good news apparently – and is also the most usual female shape. (don’t want to use the word ‘common!)

Pear shaped figure
I’m smaller upstairs than downstairs. What I mean is I have narrow shoulders, small bust (doesn't Shakira sing about that?) and wider hips and when I put on the pounds it goes on around my tummy and hips (so no bigger boobs for me!)

Styles that suit me are colourful, patterned, and detailing up top and plain and dark colours below. 

That means the eye is drawn to the ‘best bits’ shoulders etc and away from the slightly larger hips. Yep I can see how that all works. All good and pretty easy to follow. 

And wide leg trousers are also better for me as they balance out my shape. Great! I love wide leg trousers.

I've actually found some of my wardrobe does have these items and thinking about it always feel more comfortable when wearing those items.

I must admit to finding doing this exercise really useful and now feel more confident about what things I need to look out for – from bargain charity shop items, to which patterns to make.

This is the body shape finder site I used:

I still have lots to learn, but at least I feel I'm on the right path now!

Do you know what colours suit you and what you body shape is? If not, why not find out this week? Share your thoughts below...


  1. I have worked out over the years that I'm a summer in colouring, often as you say, you know what 'washes you out'and just giving some thought to what you know suits you well in your wardrobe. I am curvy & petite so no billowy flowing dresses for me, it has to be kept neat & snug!
    Off to check out your link & find out what kind of summer I am!

    1. Yes I think if you actually 'look' they you already know really what colours suit - its taking the time to do so I guess. Esp when everything is such a rush these days. Have you managed to discover what kind of summer you are?

  2. Usefull stuff!! Thanks very much. I have also done a blog post about the challenge and will endevour to blog about the challenge so you might want to come and follow me!!!!


  3. What a brilliant project! Found out about it from our good friend Joelleharris. You might think 'calendar girls' don't need to worry about clothes - but we can all end up spending on stuff we don't need and I think anything that encourages people to recycle and upcycle deserves to be applauded. Good luck and we'll stop in again to see how things are going.

    Love from the Burton Calendar Girls.

    1. Hello Burton Calender Girls!

      Well you can't be naked all the time - would be a tad impractical I would imagine! Thank you - Must admit to only have managed to buying more charity shop fabric and patterns and there is a clear lack in actually making any of these things!! xxx


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