I’m not one for rules, find guidelines much friendlier!

Here’s what I've set out for myself (for those also taking part - feel free to add any additional guidelines for yourself if you'd like to):

  • When I say NO NEW clothes – what I mean is no new ‘shop bought’ clothes.
    • So if I want to make a dress or skirt etc., and I don’t already have the fabric/pattern it’s ok to buy some. If it is new then I'm going to buy organic/ethical fabrics.
    • Buying second hand is ace. So charity shops, ebay, vintage fairs, swishing parties, car boots, freecycle etc. are perfect (and will probably be much more fun!)
  • Upcycling – if I need to buy any additional things like zips, trimmings, elastic etc – that’s ok. But I’ll try and get these by swapping, charity shop, asking friends and family etc. first. 
  • Underwear and shoes are not included in this challenge, but I will buy organic/ethically sourced items. This includes tights (thankfully) as they come under that category (so I've been told). This won’t stop me having ago at making any of those things mind!
  • Be creative - e.g trying different materials, combinations, looks and sourcing materials
  • Experiment - e.g techniques, colour
  • Have FUN!

Just because it made me laugh!


  1. Can I play too.....Pleeeese!

    1. Of course! Welcome..! Email on over your bio info and twitter etc so we can join up and I can also invite you to the pinterest boards! ;-)

  2. I would love to join please, i have found you over on Facebook and am following your blog.

    Vanessa xxx

    1. Hi Vanessa! Yes of course you can join us! Welcome ;-)


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