Monday, 19 November 2012

A clear winter pear. That’s me!

Over the weekend I dipped my toe into the world of colour analysis and body shape.

The charity shop dress
After buying a delicious hot pink dress at a charity shop last week.  (which was too big for me, but was a monsoon dress that still had it’s tags for £12 – I had to snap it up) I nearly didn't buy it, but discovered it looked better on the ‘wrong way around’ so decided to buy it and then take it in to fit me.  Although I also wasn't that sure about the colour..

Anyway this whole experience got me thinking about colour and shape/styles.

What colours really suit me? What ‘body shape’ am I?

So I thought it would be a good idea to try and find out.

Plan being that by doing this it will eliminate or at the very least minimise any ‘errors’ in fabrics I *might* have bought and styles I make. After all,  If I’m going to be investing time and energy making something I’d really like it to work and well, compliment my figure. I can’t just take it back if it isn't right!

So first things first had a trawl of the internet and a conversation on twitter about what colours we are and how best to find out. Ginny and Catherine both shared some really helpful links. But to be honest I found it pretty difficult to work out what I was.

It’s no longer just the ‘four seasons’ of the colour me beautiful days in the 80s. There are now 16 options to choose from!!

Am I Light, Deep, Clear, Muted, Warm OR CoolAnd then what season am I? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

I was a bit confused.

At first I thought I was a ‘deep winter’ but that didn't really fit as I have blue/grey eyes and deeps have brown maybe I’m a ‘cool winter’??

I’d established the ‘winter bit’ down to the fact I have dark brown hair and quite a pale complexion.

Even the quizzes I was doing didn't really help! (I can see why people go to have their ‘colours done’ professionally)

I did get a bit bored by this point and was thinking ‘surely it can’t be that difficult to work it out?? I was going to give up – but realised that wasn't really going to help me. So I enlisted the help of my fella. And by looking at the different options as well as celebrities who had similar colouring to me. Was able to work out that I’m more Megan Fox and Liv Tyler than I am Anne Hathaway or Demi Moore.  Which meant ‘Clear Winter.’

*phew* cracked it.

So what does this actually mean ‘colour wise’

Good colours are:

From Left: Medium gray, charcoal, black, dark taupe, icy grey, taupe, icy blue, icy lavender, lavender, icy pink, clear red, raspberry, raspberry pink, aubergine, icy yellow, bright golden yellow, hot turquoise, emerald turquoise, purple, dark purple, royal blue, navy.

Avoid: dusty muted colours, pastels (opt for Icy versions of colours instead).  I ‘kinda’ knew already that I look totally washed out in any pastel colours. 

Here’s a link to the sites I used for colour analysis:

You might need to enlist some help! Let me know how you get on! ;-)

Next was body shape. 

This was a bit easier..esp as I interviewed a lovely stylist for another project recently (you can read that here) and was told I was a cross between a pear and an apple – so a pearple...!

But what did that ‘actually’ mean?

This was easy in comparison to find out (thank goodness). And I’m more pear than apple. And that being a pear is good news apparently – and is also the most usual female shape. (don’t want to use the word ‘common!)

Pear shaped figure
I’m smaller upstairs than downstairs. What I mean is I have narrow shoulders, small bust (doesn't Shakira sing about that?) and wider hips and when I put on the pounds it goes on around my tummy and hips (so no bigger boobs for me!)

Styles that suit me are colourful, patterned, and detailing up top and plain and dark colours below. 

That means the eye is drawn to the ‘best bits’ shoulders etc and away from the slightly larger hips. Yep I can see how that all works. All good and pretty easy to follow. 

And wide leg trousers are also better for me as they balance out my shape. Great! I love wide leg trousers.

I've actually found some of my wardrobe does have these items and thinking about it always feel more comfortable when wearing those items.

I must admit to finding doing this exercise really useful and now feel more confident about what things I need to look out for – from bargain charity shop items, to which patterns to make.

This is the body shape finder site I used:

I still have lots to learn, but at least I feel I'm on the right path now!

Do you know what colours suit you and what you body shape is? If not, why not find out this week? Share your thoughts below...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

How sewing helps to ‘Dress-a-Girl around the World’

On Thursday, I went to a super ‘charity sewing day’ held at the lovely sewing cafe, Cordial and Grace in Clifton, Bristol to make a 'pillowcase' dress for the ‘Dress-a-Girl around the World’ charity.

L-R: Louise Horler of Sew Scrumptious and UK co-ordiator for dress-a-girl, Me and Jen with our dresses
Once again – thanks to Twitter!  And to Jen of My Make Do And Mend Year who came across this event in the first place and let me know about it. 

I *promise* to try and curb my enthusiasm for twitter as I’m sure you’ll get sick of me saying – oh twitter this, twitter that. Especially if I start putting #infrontofeverything.

But, for now. Twitter ROCKS! Anyway... Back to the event!

The day was organised to coincide with Cordial and Grace’s first birthday (Happy Birthday to you!) and co-ordinated by Lousie Horler of Sew Scrumptious and Maria, who owns Cordial and Grace.

Finished design
Stamping the plain pillowcase

Louise runs the UK arm of the ‘Dress-a-Girl Charity’, which was founded in America and is part of Hope 4 Women International who have been ‘bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006’Louise joined up after reading about the charity in Sewing Magazine last year.

Me concentrating
The idea is that every girl deserves at least one pretty dress no matter where they live. The dresses are made from pillowcases and are pretty and simple to make. They are then distributed to young girls in Malawi, Kenya, India, Ghana and Uganda.

I had a plain white pillowcase that I wanted to make ‘prettier’ so hit upon the idea of decorating it. I wanted to use things I had at home, and as luck would have it I found a pretty butterfly stamp and thought that would work with the fabric ink pad I use on my ‘Do What You Love’ bags. 

I remember being advised to put the pad on the stamp and not the other way around as I wanted a nice print. So I gave it a go! *phew* it worked. So I printed away..and was really pleased with how it turned out!

Jen concentrating
After heat sealing it (basically ironing over the design - I used a piece of old cloth in between to avoid getting any paint on my iron). Packed it in my bag and set off for the bright lights of Clifton village to meet Jen. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to meet!

The cafe was a hive of activity when I arrived, and Jen was already there, wearing a very fetching fur coat. A carboot purchase apparently. Looked good. 

We had to wait a little while before some machines were available. The day was running from 11.00 - 21.30 and we’d booked the 15.30 slot to use the sewing machines for free. Was great to see so many other ladies had turned up to make dresses to.

Was no matter though as it gave Jen and I a chance to chat and enjoy our drinks. (very good Americano coffee from their deliciously bright orange coffee machine. Excellent choice of colour!) Didn't have to wait long, and we were escorted downstairs to the 'sewing parlour.'

A really smart set up. We were each give a machine and a pattern to follow on how to make the dresses. Thankfully Louise and Maria where both there and able to give advice and help during the process. I hadn't realised how different it would be using a machine other than my own! 

‘Um where’s the ‘go slow’ setting?’ I asked – having one on my machine so I don't go too fast!

Maria, of Cordial and Grace
- helping me

Discovered It was all down to foot pressure - so I had fun going 'fast - slow - fast - slow' (you get the idea) until I got the hang of it!

I also discovered that I can’t actually sew AND chat at the same time! 

Nope. Not me. Jen seemed to have this down to a fine art – sewing and happily chatting away. Me - I had to concentrate. ;-) so much for this multi-tasking business.

Had a few ‘unhappy machine moments’ but the lovely Maria sorted that for me. Thank you!

Jen seemed to finish hers in no time at all, and had to go, so I stayed on to finish mine and was there for maybe longer than I expected! (I really, really enjoyed it though!). But I did it!

Was really pleased with it. And I hope a little girl somewhere is going to get lots of wear out of it. ;-)

At the end of the day 21 dresses had been made – and some had gone home with their ‘makers’ to be finished off. I had a great day and met some very lovely people!

Also discovered the dresses have another message;

Looking at the Hope 4 Women site there is an even more important message that the dresses can give. Apparently, it can portray that theses girls are well cared for and being looked after by an organisation which, just might dissuade possible predators. And hopefully offer them some protection.

What kind of predators I thought? Well (again using info from the Hope 4 Women website) ‘these are vulnerable young ladies who live in a society where they have no value—where they are used as slaves—where they are abused and preyed upon and no one considers this to be unspeakable injustice’.

No value? I just couldn't imagine that. Like they are a ‘commodity’ and not just a little girl?

It hadn't occurred to me that these young ladies would/could actually be directly linked to the ‘Fashioned for Freedom’ event I went to on Monday evening.

So, I really hope that the dress I made, and all the dresses that have been so far really do help. It’s so much more than ‘just a pretty dress.’ 

And maybe, just maybe the fact I printed butterflies on the pillowcase I used, somehow represents a ‘freedom’ they might not have had without this charity?

Want to get involved and make some too?

You can get the patterns from Louise's site Sew Scrumptious here – or why not set up your own day and get some friends together? I know that Su Senior – (A Love What You Wear participant) is going to make some. Yeah!

Dresses hanging in the window of Cordial and Grace. Yep was dark when I left! ;-)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Twitter, Trafficking and Ecover

Last night Catherine (aka Bella & Will) and I went to ‘Fashioned For Freedom’ by House of Beth, which was held in the very impressive St.Mary’s Church, London. The evening was organised to raise awareness and funds to support survivors of human trafficking.

12 days ago I didn't even know Catherine, or that this event was taking place.

So back track a bit as to how this came about.


Yep. Twitter

Since setting up this project, Twitter has been the main social platform I've been using and has brought so many of us like-minded people together (25 at the last count but I need to check that!).

So, here’s what happened. 

I spotted a tweet by EcoverUK saying ‘who’d like some tickets for this event’ and I thought – oh yes I would. So I tweeted them about this project. And lucky lucky I won! (thank you!)

I then thought, ‘I'd like to go with someone who has joined up to this project with me’, and that’s where Catherine comes in. We can’t even remember how we first got connected, but think it was via Jen and her 'make do and mend year'', discovering a joint admiration of John-Paul Flintoff and both being scanners (see John Williams here about that) meant we quickly became ‘twitter friends.’  

So when I asked if anyone would like to come with me and Catherine was able to come, it was really exciting!

I know this isn't about the actual event – just yet – but it’s all part of the story. And I like a story. I like to know how things come about and ‘happen.’

So all sorted and off I went on the train from Bristol to London yesterday afternoon. Was a breeze actually. Straight into Paddington (train was pretty empty) on the circle line to Edgeware Road, then walked to the venue. Have to admit to using the gps on my phone to get there mind...

Met Catherine there and in we went! (Catherine also used the gps on her phone to find it, so that made me feel ok!)

Catherine and I in front of one of the Art installations at the event
There were lots of groovy sorts about looking fashionable, but I reckon we looked just as good. (I was wearing a charity shop purchase skirt (jigsaw) and Catherine was wearing a beautiful skirt she’d made.  I was very impressed. And what was also lovely about her skirt was the fact the fabric had belonged to her nana. So a story with it to. I like that.

The event wasn't quite what I’d expected – but that didn't stop us having a great time. I didn't actually take that many photos as well, umm we were chatting so much.  I’d had this idea it was going to be a fashion ‘show’, with a catwalk and models etc. 

In actual fact there were some speakers (Head of Marketing for Ecover being one of them – hence tickets and their involvement), music by digital animals, a film about human trafficking - what happens when fashion and that world collide – followed by an auction of the dresses shown in the film as well as rails of pre-loved clothes for sale. 

Talia Chain and Sarah Kendal, House of Beth founders
We both bought something from those rails and even ended up being in a ‘film’, although have no idea when we’ll see that! Random.

Have to confess to not staying for the auction. We popped off to the pub.  (Hope that doesn't appear disrespectful).

There was a very serious message being shared through this event. I don’t want to get too heavy about it – but at the same time don’t want to gloss over it and ignore what is going on – and also what’s being done to challenge it – and ultimately change it.

It’s shocking and to be honest I have trouble accepting that this kind of thing is actually happening today. And in the UK. It’s not just something that happens ‘over there in another country,’ once I have some ‘UK facts’ I’ll share them. 

Apparently it is hard to quantify figures of those 'enslaved' world wide, but according to the charity ‘Free the Slaves’ they estimate it to be around 27 million.

That is a lot of people.

Just under half of the UK population*   

I’d thought that was a thing of the past and ‘slavery’ had been abolished in the UK by William Wilberforce in 1833. (Yes, Bristol is built on the slave trade. The fascinating and harrowing stories that you can read about in the newly opened M shed in Bristol, is really well worth a visit).

And ‘Trafficking’ isn't just about ‘sexual’ trafficking – there are many types including domestic, labour and serfdom. (I had to look up what that meant. A condition of modified slavery – wiki link)

And cheap clothes are part of this.  Well I guess cheap goods are in general?

Now, I don’t know enough about it all yet and I’m not an expert, but that’s also partly the point of this project. To find out more and ask those kinds of questions.  And also hunt out the small companies and brands that are doing good things – as there are many. (For when I’ll be buying new again. Although who knows after a year..)

One of the ladies who’s joined up said jokingly she wanted to join ‘the revolution’. And I thought – ooh I like that. We are all doing something ‘different’ by committing to this project and being more considered about what we wear.

Powerful stuff really.

(hope I’m not getting too carried away and you’re still with me?!)

Creating a better world – one stitch at a time...(??!!)

This isn't about taking the fun out of it all – but seeing that the event was all about this – I felt it was important to write about it.

Who are House of Beth? 

House of Beth is a social enterprise, set up earlier this year by Talia Chain and Sarah Kendal, two very inspiring ladies, who both work for human trafficking charities.  (Talia founded The Red Light Campaign).  The aim is to offer financial support to the survivors by selling pre-loved designer clothes, with 50% from any clothing item being donated to fighting Human Trafficking. They also sell on behalf of two ethical jewellery designers - Jennifer Sturrock and Justine Silverstone.

You can buy pre-loved items from House of Beth online here

And thank you to Ecover UK for the tickets, fabric bag and samples ;-)

Tell me, what are your thoughts on this?  
And are there any books/websites you’d recommend I read?  

(*UK population 62.6 million - ONS 2011 census).

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Woolly jumper to cardi - in progress

Ended up doing lots of other things today, so didn't get to have a go with upcycling the jumper to cardi until this evening. 

So here’s where I’m at so far:

I’d dismantled (I mistakenly said 'dismembered' earlier, only to think - hmm that's not quite what I mean!) the jumper yesterday (umm ok whilst watching strictly!) So it was already in pieces to pin up. 

I think I’d also been putting off cutting it, as I wasn't sure what would happen and if the wool would unravel.  In the end though I just went for it.
I measured a top I already had to get the right width and then pinned it up. I also did the same for the sleeves. 

At the moment the collar isn't long enough to go all the way around so will need to have a think about what I can do with that.  

Also, if I want the front to overlap so I can add buttons, I’ll need to allow extra on the front panels for that – so I can just move them out a bit I think.

Pretty pleased with it so far!

Won’t be able to do any more on it until later in the week, but that should give me a chance to come up with an idea for the collar. I’d like to add some pockets too. :-)

How it looks so far

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Woolly jumpers, fabric and temptation

Temptation in coat form
Oh dear. I was tempted today.

There it was in the window at a shop in Wells. Bright, colourful and ahh soo lovely! I even went in and looked at it – but didn't try it on. That would have been a huge mistake.

It was a lovely coat by the Irish company Avoca. I do actually already have a coat by them – which I’d bought earlier this year for a wedding – and I LOVE it! (anyway slightly off topic there..) They make really, really original, colourful and beautiful things. There is quite a history to their company (Ireland’s oldest Mill) – which I like and you can read about here.

But it did make me ask myself why I was doing this. And I came up with the same answer. I want to learn how to make beautiful things myself. So I’m sticking with it. (still thinking about that coat mind).

I’d set out to find some winter woolly’s as that’s something seriously lacking in my wardrobe. So off to the charity shops I went. I know from past experiences, I've never actually bought a woolly jumper from a charity shop as they tend to be past their best, bobbly and misshapen. 

Today was no exception. Lots of other good quality things.  But no jumpers. I checked the men’s section as well as figured I’d be able to alter them. Nothing.

I did find some fabric though! So I bought that. Hurrah! £2.95 for a pretty big piece that I *think* I’ll be able to make some trousers from. That’s the plan.

Went to every charity shop (there are quite a few). No luck. 

But I was really happy with the fabric so that was great, and thought I need to have a think about this jumper business.
The jumper!
So chatting about it on the way home with my lovely fella, he said he probably had some jumpers I could have to ‘alter’.  Whoop whoop I thought, this could work!  Turns out he has ‘A LOT’ of jumpers at the back of the wardrobe that he’s never worn! 

For now he’s given me one to see what I can do with it. And providing I don’t make a complete hash of it, I’m hoping I’ll be able to persuade him to give me some more...

In the mean time I have my first jumper to play with! I have an idea to turn it into a cardi. 

I like the reverse knit so am planning on turning it inside out, but taking out the sleeves and turning them back around so they are the right way – if you follow me.  I can see in my mind what I’d like to create – but actually doing it is another matter. 

Excited about having a go.

Had a lovely day in Wells though. Even had some roasted chestnuts from Charlie Chestnut. ;-)

Charlie Chestnut ;-)

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Day 8 – Already!  And we’ve some new joiners – Viv and Karen. Welcome!

So then, what’s this about knickers? Well It seems quite a few people who have joined up for this ‘challenge’ have put  knickers on their list of things they’d like to make.  And there has been quite a lot of tweeting about it and looking for online tutorials (which there are quite a few!)

I must admit, this did surprise me. I’d never considered making them myself.

However, those M&S undies (they used to be my shop of choice when buying such items) Just aren't as well made as they used to be. And to get anything half decent, do you need to spend over £20??

Then I thought (as you do) ‘I wonder how much the ‘cheapest’ and the most ‘expensive’ knickers are’...

So quick google (I do love the internet!) and found (this is by no means *proper* market research!)  that:

Cheapest pair of ladies knickers I found are £1 from Primark. A £1? Really? How can that be??  (Yes – OK, I know the answer). 

Most expensive pair I found were £195.  These are from Agent Provocateur's 'Soiree' range which are embellished with Swarovski crystals. They also do a playsuit for £15,000. Bargain. (bodyguard not included).

So, this got me thinking -  is it possible to make your own that would be as special as some costing £195? (properly) I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress!  

Maybe I will have a go...

oh and there’s an update on Mistyfuse. Here’s what they said:

“Attached Inc is dedicated to producing a superior product and that also means a GREEN product. Our chemist formulated Mistyfuse to be the best possible fusible: ultra sheer, super strong, uber versatile, incomparably eco-friendly. EQUALLY IMPORTANT is our production method. Mistyfuse is made in a green industrial facility which we can only do because Mistyfuse is made without solvents, body modifiers, blow additives and without extra adhesives. This careful formulation and production has another benefit--it gives Mistyfuse superior aging properties. But we didn't stop there. We also have a MIstyfuse that is made with a UV stabilizer to retard any darkening that might occur over time.

No word from Vilene Bondaweb yet.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Appliqué, bondaweb, mistyfuse? It’s a whole new world.

What started out as a ‘quick look on the web’ has turned into a bit of a fact finding mission.

So it went something like this...

Hmm so I’d like an appliqué design on my skirt, what’s the best way of doing that..? and what’s this bondaweb stuff? I’ve never really used it as I use felt on my cushions. What exactly is it? I know it fuses fabric together, so must be some kind of glue, but what’s it made of? where is it made? when was it invented? 

And, is it environmentally friendly?

on to the internet..googled..


found some information, but not all the answers.

So far (and thanks to fellow Love What You Wear –ers? Jaimie and Ginny) shall we have a ‘name’? any ideas?

Have discovered the following:
  • Bondaweb is the brand name and is made by Vilene
  • It is also known as Vliesofix and Wonder under
  • Vilene is part of the Freudenberg group, a German, family owned business
  • They are the market leaders in ‘interfacing’ for the garment industry
  • They launched an Eco range in 2008. This range contains no AZO dyes, formaldehyde and APEO - and are also compostable and bio-degradable. 

So what’s an AZO dye?  what’s APEO? I know about formaldehyde. Does that mean those things are in their other products? I don’t know. I want to find out more about them - have a feeling there will be lots of 'sciencey type' words like Alkylphenol ethoxylates..that I will need translating!

So, I rang them to find out.

Spoke to a very friendly lady and asked her my questions, she said she would get back to me.  I also dropped her an email, just to make sure they had my address as my name can be a bit tricky. So will wait and see.

Then Jaimie pointed me in the direction of Mistyfuse.

Mistyfuse are an American company based in Brooklyn, New York (they are ok after Hurricane Sandy) and say that their webbing is 'environmentally friendly' – I have asked what makes it so, and am waiting to find out.

So no complete answers yet! But just wanted to share what I was looking into – and if anyone knows the answers let me know.

Then on to appliqué itself..

I learnt that there is more than one way to do it. And that there is a way of doing it without using a ‘fusing’ material – after all it was around well before bondaweb was invented! (so you might wonder why I’m bothering to find out about how that stuff is made – I’m inquisitive. I like to know!)

These techniques are traditional needle turn appliqué and reverse appliqué. And according to one of the books I have there is also Broderie perse, Hawaiian appliqué, stained glass appliqué, cut and sew and inlaid...heck – how many different ways are there of sewing one piece of fabric on to another..?

Didn't realise what I’d started!!

Have a funny feeling I’ll be dreaming in appliqué tonight...

Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to our first fella and goals for the week

Welcome to Dominic, who joins us today. *hello*

Dominic and his wife have already spent a year not buying any new clothes, and so they are already well experienced! (have asked for some tips). 
White Stuff skirt I like for inspiration

I want to set my goals for the week. And thought I’d be brave and post them here! Basically to have them written somewhere that wasn't just a random piece of paper that I’m bound to ‘tidy away’ i.e lose.

We’re having a ‘pre-Christmas’ family get together the second weekend of December – so that’s now become my target date to make my skirt!! eek – that’s a month away so surely I must be able to make it by then!  I really want it to be ‘nice’ so taking my time a bit in finding a pattern and looking at ideas. Oh and knowing what ‘actually’ suits me. I’d hate to spend lots of time making it only to discover that a ‘puffball’ skirt just isn't the right look for me...!
So have decided it’s going to be an A-line (I already have a Monsoon skirt that’s this kind of style and I like that so that’s a good start!) and I’d love to have some kind of pattern/design on it – but am not sure yet how I’ll do that. 
I really like this skirt from White Stuff – so that’s inspired me. And it was such a beautiful day today I did pop-out for a short walk and was looking for inspiration from the trees and plants/seed heads I saw.  And do I add that after I've made up the skirt so it’s lined up correctly or do I do it after cutting out and before joining up?
Am trying not to be too ambitious, but do want to make something I’m actually going to ‘like’ wearing!!
  • Take own measurements and adjust dressmakers mannequin (going to need help with this!)
  • Is the pink wool fabric I have actually enough to make a skirt? It measures 93 cm wide x 138 cm Length – I *think* so but not really sure?
  • Choose a pattern I like
  • Work out what else I’ll need – might need a zip, I have some blk lining (will that be ok?) and tread already that’s pretty much the right colour.
  • Decide on what kind of design I'll add
  • Cut out the fabric!!
What are your goals for the week?  Let me know! x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Another joiner and a few lists

Skirt length. No idea how old this fabric is!

Welcome to Sarah, who has joined us today! And I’m just loving everyone’s enthusiasm! YEAH!

I've been having a think about what I’d really like to make over the coming year and have come up with a little list. (I do like a list)

Things I’d like to make
  • A skirt (have fabric but no pattern)
  • A maxi-dress (have fabric and two patterns)
  • PJs (have the pattern)
  • Summer Linen Trousers (have fabric and pattern)
  • An evening dress (have fabric but no pattern)
  • Three summer tops (have the patterns and some fabric)
  • Crochet a shawl
  • Knit some socks
  • Make some knickers! (I know I’d excluded underwear from this challenge – but figured I’d have a go!)

Am sure this will grow but think it’s enough to be getting along with! Am surprised actually at how much I already have. (I know I’m not the only one!)
Charity shop buy years ago.
£1.50 and £3.00. 

Things I’d like to learn/have a go at
  • How to use the button foot on my sewing machine
  • Freehand machine embroidery
  • How to crochet
  • Improve my knitting and be able to follow a pattern
  • Dying with natural plant dyes
  • How to make my own patterns
  • Spin some yarn from a real live animal! Doesn't have to be a sheep! (won’t be a Vicuna mind..!)

Think this will grow too as I go along and I discover more things!!

I've also been thinking about how best to keep going (other than the fact there are now 19 of us doing this!) and I know what helped me when I did the 30 Day Challenge, earlier this year  (you can read about that here. And watch the little video I made here. Not the best in the world but was rather pleased with it as it was the first one I’d ever made!)

This was setting a weekly goal and also ‘checking-in’ on how I was getting on (and not being hard on myself if I didn't achieve my goal – but just working out why and then what I can do differently the following week) plus the biggest thing was the support from the rest of the people also doing the 30 Day Challenge.

And now that there is a fab group of other lovely ladies going this with me – it’s going to be AMAZING!

so thank you! x

And I’ll end this post with a great quote from an article that Ginny shared with the group which you can read here (I know I posted this on FB already but is something worth repeating (as I need to remind myself of it!):

"When you start, it will look like crap. Perhaps we tend not to try new things because we expect perfection right out of the gate, but you should know that nothing is perfect on the first try."

And that MISTAKES are GOOD! That’s how we learn!

Right then. I’d better stop faffing about and get on with it!!

Have you got a list of things you’d like to make or learn over the year? Why not share them below.