Saturday, 9 March 2013

A date at The Fashion Museum in Bath

The Bath Fashion Museum is 50 years old
A few weeks ago I took myself on a 'date' (if you've read 'An Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron - you'll know all about these kind of outings) They are an opportunity to take yourself off somewhere you want to with only yourself to please!

So I decided to go to the Bath Fashion Museum.

If you are a BANES resident you can apply for a discovery card and that gives you free access to this museum - as well as lots of other things! So it's well worth getting one.

This isn't actually somewhere I would have gone prior to starting this project - but thought it would be an interesting place to visit and see what they had on display. I didn't take the audio tour on this occasion as I just wanted to have a looksee!

The museum is housed in the basement of The Bath Assembly Rooms on Bennett Street and I was surprised by how much there is actually to see there and learn. Seeing that I do have a rather short attention span - I looked at the things that stood out for me this time - and will go back to look at things in more detail! Here's just a few of the things that caught my eye...

2011 Dress of the Year  
The Dress of the Year 2011

The website says: 
'One of the stunning gowns which sparked a media frenzy over who would design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has been unveiled as the Dress of the Year 2011 at Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Fashion Museum. 

The ivory tulle bodice of the dress is fully embroidered with 3D organza feathers. Each feather is individually hand crafted, fully or partially embroidered with silver and white thread and bullion. The gown has an organza skirt consisting of 31 panels, hand embroidered with miniature eagle motifs using silver and white bullion.'

Dress of the Year 2011 is from Sarah Burton's
Fall 2011 collection for Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton designed Kate Middleton - The 
Duchess of Cambridge's Wedding Dress    

It was a shame I couldn't actually get any closer to the dress to really see and appreciate the details - and see what a '3D organza feather' actually is!

17th Century Gloves

These leather gloves also stood out due to the unnaturally long fingers. They are from the 17th century and the exaggerated long, slender fingers were to meet the fashionable ideals of the period.  Those with “average” fingers tend to be functional, work gloves! 

So they really conveyed your standing in society and said that person didn't have to do any work with their hands. 

The gloves are part of a collection currently on display - which all have the most amazing intricate embroidery detailing on them.

There were also shoes and other accessories on display!

1970s Dress

Then I spotted this 1970s dress mainly due to the fact I liked the neckline! And it made me think of the dress I'm currently trying to make and whether or not I can 'mix and match' the patterns to make something more like this....

I've also seen on the website that you can book a 'study session' to look at particular items in more detail which I think would be a brilliant thing to do and something I will do next time I plan on going there.

oooh and I also had lunch at The Bertinet Bakery & Cafe - they do the most AMAZING almond croissants!

A very interesting afternoon out!

I'm already planning where to take myself on my next 'date'!

Have you taken yourself anywhere recently? Where did you go and what did you do?