Saturday, 10 November 2012

Woolly jumpers, fabric and temptation

Temptation in coat form
Oh dear. I was tempted today.

There it was in the window at a shop in Wells. Bright, colourful and ahh soo lovely! I even went in and looked at it – but didn't try it on. That would have been a huge mistake.

It was a lovely coat by the Irish company Avoca. I do actually already have a coat by them – which I’d bought earlier this year for a wedding – and I LOVE it! (anyway slightly off topic there..) They make really, really original, colourful and beautiful things. There is quite a history to their company (Ireland’s oldest Mill) – which I like and you can read about here.

But it did make me ask myself why I was doing this. And I came up with the same answer. I want to learn how to make beautiful things myself. So I’m sticking with it. (still thinking about that coat mind).

I’d set out to find some winter woolly’s as that’s something seriously lacking in my wardrobe. So off to the charity shops I went. I know from past experiences, I've never actually bought a woolly jumper from a charity shop as they tend to be past their best, bobbly and misshapen. 

Today was no exception. Lots of other good quality things.  But no jumpers. I checked the men’s section as well as figured I’d be able to alter them. Nothing.

I did find some fabric though! So I bought that. Hurrah! £2.95 for a pretty big piece that I *think* I’ll be able to make some trousers from. That’s the plan.

Went to every charity shop (there are quite a few). No luck. 

But I was really happy with the fabric so that was great, and thought I need to have a think about this jumper business.
The jumper!
So chatting about it on the way home with my lovely fella, he said he probably had some jumpers I could have to ‘alter’.  Whoop whoop I thought, this could work!  Turns out he has ‘A LOT’ of jumpers at the back of the wardrobe that he’s never worn! 

For now he’s given me one to see what I can do with it. And providing I don’t make a complete hash of it, I’m hoping I’ll be able to persuade him to give me some more...

In the mean time I have my first jumper to play with! I have an idea to turn it into a cardi. 

I like the reverse knit so am planning on turning it inside out, but taking out the sleeves and turning them back around so they are the right way – if you follow me.  I can see in my mind what I’d like to create – but actually doing it is another matter. 

Excited about having a go.

Had a lovely day in Wells though. Even had some roasted chestnuts from Charlie Chestnut. ;-)

Charlie Chestnut ;-)

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