Friday, 2 November 2012

Eighteen so far!

Wow! So all went a bit crazy since the last post thanks to lots of sharing of the project. ;-)

(You can read some of the blog posts here: flipknitstitch and mymakedoandmendyear) Let me know if you're going to blog about your adventure too so I can share it. ;-)

At the last count there are now 18 of us taking the challenge! BRILLIANT

So a huge welcome to new joiners: Elizabeth, Katy-Marie, Su, Kate, Lydia, Ella, Catherine, Sharon, Sarah, Denise and Ruth.

Please shout out if you don’t see your name here! Don’t mean to miss anyone off..

It’s going to be such a fun, exciting and challenging year ahead. Knowing that there is a whole bunch of us doing the same thing – so we can share ideas and help each other along, is going to be great. I know it will certainly help me complete it!

I've already got some ideas for the BIG party we will have this time next year! Thinking old fashioned glamour with us all wearing a dress (or other) we've made/refashioned!?? What do you think? 

Maybe I’m jumping ahead slightly here – I do tend to get ‘as excitable as a puppy’ but why not! This is an adventure after all.  And it is meant to be FUN!

Thought it would be good to recap what I've done today so we can share ideas etc..(still haven’t gotten any fabric out yet!)

I've set up two Pinterest boards (Love What You Wear - Inspiration and I Made This!) which you can find here.

And thanks to Catherine, we might just get John-Paul Flintoff himself as our Champion! As it turns out I’m not the only one to have been influenced by his book!

I've also set up a Twitter list of everyone taking part. Some aren't on twitter yet – but will be joining soon.

And as I mentioned over on the Facebook page I've created a ‘I’m In’ page where I’ll add a bit about everyone who is taking part. Will send out a few questions just so we can get to know each other a bit better.  ;-)


So I’d love to know – What’s your first project going to be??

I’m going to have a go at making a simple skirt. ;-)

Happy creating! x


  1. I'm in! Will pop over to FB and say hi shortly. I generally buy secondhand clothes anyway but would like to do more repurposing. I am going to do the challenge on people powered machines only (also a fan of John-Paul flintoff)

  2. Yeah! hello Sarah and Welcome! Cool. I've never used a people power machine (yet anyway would love to have a go) (liking Flintoff fans are coming together! ;-)

  3. Is it too late to join in??!
    I just read about this on katiemariemakes blog and I would like to rise to the challenge! I haven't bought anything in November ;-)


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