Thursday, 8 November 2012


Day 8 – Already!  And we’ve some new joiners – Viv and Karen. Welcome!

So then, what’s this about knickers? Well It seems quite a few people who have joined up for this ‘challenge’ have put  knickers on their list of things they’d like to make.  And there has been quite a lot of tweeting about it and looking for online tutorials (which there are quite a few!)

I must admit, this did surprise me. I’d never considered making them myself.

However, those M&S undies (they used to be my shop of choice when buying such items) Just aren't as well made as they used to be. And to get anything half decent, do you need to spend over £20??

Then I thought (as you do) ‘I wonder how much the ‘cheapest’ and the most ‘expensive’ knickers are’...

So quick google (I do love the internet!) and found (this is by no means *proper* market research!)  that:

Cheapest pair of ladies knickers I found are £1 from Primark. A £1? Really? How can that be??  (Yes – OK, I know the answer). 

Most expensive pair I found were £195.  These are from Agent Provocateur's 'Soiree' range which are embellished with Swarovski crystals. They also do a playsuit for £15,000. Bargain. (bodyguard not included).

So, this got me thinking -  is it possible to make your own that would be as special as some costing £195? (properly) I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress!  

Maybe I will have a go...

oh and there’s an update on Mistyfuse. Here’s what they said:

“Attached Inc is dedicated to producing a superior product and that also means a GREEN product. Our chemist formulated Mistyfuse to be the best possible fusible: ultra sheer, super strong, uber versatile, incomparably eco-friendly. EQUALLY IMPORTANT is our production method. Mistyfuse is made in a green industrial facility which we can only do because Mistyfuse is made without solvents, body modifiers, blow additives and without extra adhesives. This careful formulation and production has another benefit--it gives Mistyfuse superior aging properties. But we didn't stop there. We also have a MIstyfuse that is made with a UV stabilizer to retard any darkening that might occur over time.

No word from Vilene Bondaweb yet.

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