Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Possibly the best charity shop haul ever!

I've not been very good at keeping to my goals and progress has been slow with both the A-line skirt (so plan of getting that finished by this weekend isn't going to happen!) and same goes for the Jumper 2 Cardi! 

So I am yet to complete a garment and to be honest had been feeling a bit rubbish about it.

Then I remembered *why* I hadn't been focusing on those things and put things in perspective a bit! 

I have been busy making, making, making for pop-up shops and Christmas markets and have also just joined The Community Farm as their Social Media and Marketing Volunteer for 6 months (one day a week) which I am very excited about! So have also spent some time on the farm which has been really interesting so far. 

Being on the farm did make me panic slightly and think 'heck I'll need lots of new warmer clothes!' (heated gloves are top of the list), but soon realised this wasn't actually the case. Think I learnt then that I've tended to 'panic buy' clothes and never really plan out what I actually need. Don't expect I'm alone on that!

Also realised I can't help myself when I find amazing things in charity shops!

And, today I might just possibly have had the best charity shop haul ever!

Here's what I bought............all for £5

  • 4 massive spools of wool - one of which is quite 'sparkly' and says 'burnleys' inside. I think these are actually to be used on a knitting machine - but you can hand knit or crochet with it apparently. It's 2 ply so might be better to crochet with? I'll need to do some research here as I don't really know. This should push me to learn to crochet now!

NOTE: *I have just called the charity shop and asked them to put aside the rest of the wool they had - think there were about 8 other spools - I'll go and get that tomorrow!*

  • Two lots of lining fabric - one black - one gold

  • The art of crochet leaflet

  • 10 knitting patterns (one purely because the picture made me laugh)

  • 10 sewing patterns - x2 skirt,  x1 shorts, x1 top  x6 dress  

some of the sewing patterns have never been used and some have been cut. They are also varying sizes - but I couldn't resit snapping them up with the hope that I can alter the patterns to fit me. 

Here's the photos of the sewing patterns! Am really loving the 1970s dresses! 

And the knitting patterns! Can you guess which one I bought just because it made me laugh??

The 'New Style Elegance' pattern book is dated 26 March 1966 and looks like it came free with Woman's Own Magazine. I picked this up as I liked the 'be dainty in a see through top' pattern (not quite sure how you would achieve this - but willing to give it a try) with the long sleeves - shown below.

I just love old patterns! Pre 1980s though (all went a bit awry in the 80s I think in the world of knitting - and well fashion in general). Looking at the designs, I guess from the 60s and 70s here - I think there are some really smart designs and styles. 

Question is now - what do I make first???

(after the A-line skirt and jumper2cardi that is...)


  1. What treasure!
    You can always knit with more than one strand of the wool, if you can't find a pattern for such a fine wool.


    1. Thanks Celia - yes was wondering that as is very fine. I went back again this morning to get the rest of it! x


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