Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What have I spent so far verses what I have made..

Well it's nearly Christmas (slight panic as not ready yet - even though - yes, it is the same time every year!) and that means I'm (well we, as there is a lovely group of us doing this!) are almost two months into the challenge of not buying any new clothes!

As I was writing yesterday's post, I became very aware that I've been collecting more things and spending money and haven't actually made anything yet (other than the dress a girl pillowcase dress - which I don't think really counts as It's not for me - I really enjoyed doing that!). 

So I wanted to add up what exactly I have spent so far and what I've done with those things. 

Here's a quick recap. These are all charity shop buys:

Checked fabric -  £2.95 - still in its bag
Jigsaw cardi at the Eco Fashion show - £20 - have worn at least four times
Monsoon pink dress - £12 - still in its bag as it needs altering
The charity shop haul of wool spools, patterns and books - £17 - wool is in a crate and books etc on my table..

Total spend so far: £51.95

Which is what? One pair of nice trousers from Monsoon perhaps? 

But - It's more than just the money spent - its been the experience so far -  I've had so much fun already just getting these things and have already met some great people.

And tomorrow I pick up the knitting machine! *excited*

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