Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The great charity shop haul - part 2

Yep. I went back this morning to get the rest of the spools. So now I have 24!!! I paid £10 for the rest of the wool. They seem to be a mixture of different fibers - so some acrylic, some cotton, some called 'crepe'. They are all very fine yarn though. Love the colours!! Excited about using them!

Plus a few extra patterns and a rather groovy 1970s advanced dress making book. It has some really lovely things to make and really clear and easy to follow instructions (essential for me). These extra bits were £2. So total spend £12 today. Bargain!

The 1970s book and additional knitting patterns I bought

I really like this pattern for an 'overdress' so am adding this to the list of things I want to make.
Plus I though I might make this very stylish shirt for Mr.LWYW...Am sure he'd be impressed. Esp. if it's made with some lovely polyester...and check out those white slacks. Smart.

Also found these really cute patterns for knitted toys! Hard to tell how old these patterns are but at a guess would say 1940s? Would love to know!

Will *try* and stay away from charity shops for a while (until next week at least - I've been given some insider information as to which charity shops have lots of sewing/knitting etc books, patterns and fabric). I'm going to start keep a running total of what I'm spending too, as I have a feeling I might actually be spending more than I think! 

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