Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Knitting Machine - It works!

Been a bit of a delay in posting this as I've been 
a) away 
b) busy making Christmas presents and 
c) working on The Christmas bulletin for The Community Farm


The knitting machine! 

I picked it up last Wednesday (Thank you Alison Stephenson!) and also had a bit of a tour around the UWE knitting and the sewing rooms. 

Amazing! Was really inspiring being there and talking to some of the other tutors as well as some of the students to see what they were doing. Also saw some of the 'Toiles' (test garments) the student are taught to make before committing to making a garment in the proper fabric. 

I thought this was a great idea for me especially due to my fear of messing it up! so if I do it this way - at least I'll know it will fit. Even if it does mean it will take longer to make. I'd planned on learning how to be more patient anyway!

Was away that evening so couldn't actually get a proper look at it until Thursday - and here it is!

Amazing - on the box it says 'Made in Britain' and 'Simple to Use'. Excellent.

I found a great video on YouTube (love the intro with the family running across the beach!!) am guessing it's from the 80s but ignoring that - it was super helpful in showing me how to set up the machine. Thank goodness for YouTube - and well the internet!

Also discovered what things were missing - so the clamps to keep it in place - haven't been able to track any of them down yet, so will be 'making' something to do that job...(hopefully!) as well as some of the other key cards. 

But was so keen to have a go!

It was pretty easy to set up - I chose the orange wool as a test - but as I'd been advised, it was really too fine for the machine and I ended up with a 'string vest effect'!! 

Then I went a bit fast and some of the wool came off the needles. 

So next steps are to make something to secure it to the table and then I can have another go with some thicker wool.

Will have another play with this during the Christmas break. Once I have a bit more time.

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