Monday, 10 December 2012


I'm quickly learning just what a kind and generous world dressmaking, knitting and well, craft is!

Just two recent examples.

Last week I was at the post office and I got chatting to the lady behind the counter called Moira  I was posting some patterns I'd found for Jen of My Make Do and Mend Year, and so the conversation turned to knitting, crochet and this project.

Without hesitation Moira said "oh I've got some things you can have! In particular a really old knitting and crochet book that used to belong to my aunt, and which I've used to help me to learn to knit and crochet. And I'll have a look for some needles and crochet hooks for you!"

Wow - I thought! How kind!

So I got a text on Friday to say that she's put some things together and next time I was in the area - to pop in. So I went this morning!

And this is what Moira gave me: A very very useful book (the Woolcraft one), a couple of magazines and some different sized needles. Brilliant!

NOTE: I am aware, however, that I've been busy *collecting* things again (is my name actually Magpie?) and have yet to actually make anything!! 

AND another amazing thing has happened - as you may remember (it's OK - this isn't a test) I managed to get a load of wool and thread from a charity shop and discovered it was for using with a knitting machine - so I asked if anyone had access to a knitting machine that I might be able to borrow. 

And the super lovely Alison (who I met via my 'Do What You Love' bags. Alison took one with her when she cycled from The Dead Sea to The Red Sea for Water Aid earlier this year!!) 

Alison is an extremely talented lady who also happens to be a tutor at Bristol's UWE. So on seeing my call-out - Alison very kindly said she would ask the technicians in the 'knitting room' (how cool to have a knitting room!!) if there was a way I'd be able to use any of their machines...And YES! turns out they have an old, simple machine that was donated to them that I can borrow. Yippee!

Think the machine is something like this
- minus the instructions. (pic from internet)
Apparently it's a Bond 'Classic' and says 'The new way to knit' on the box, but there are no instructions with it - and it has been sitting in the corner for sometime, unused, and just waiting for someone to come along to use it! So they were more than happy to let me borrow it (very kind).

I'm now on the hunt for some instructions. I have joined a forum called downsizer as they had some conversation threads about these machines - and have just come across Maggi who has set up the online Knitting Machine Museum! So I'm also going to contact her for some advice. 

I'll be picking up the knitting machine on Wednesday. Just in time for the Christmas holidays. So you can guess what I'm going to be doing!!

Have you used one of these? or know someone who has? I'd love some advice - and also to see what can actually be achieved with a Bond Classic! - so please get in touch if you do. ;-)


  1. I knew someone who had one of these machines in the 80's and made some lovely knits with it.

    1. ooh that's good to know - thank you! Fingers crossed I'll be able to make something half decent too!


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