Monday, 21 January 2013

Sewing satisfaction

I've done it! I've finished my nightshirt! Hurrah - AND it passed the 'being slept in and not falling' apart test *phew*

Here it is...

The finished nightshirt!
I'm really pleased with how it has turned out and the fact that I didn't have enough of the green stripe fabric - was actually a blessing as I used shirt fabric off-cuts to add the detail. 

The mismatch buttons - I found in the tin of buttons I was given by my fellas mum. 

And I feel so satisfied!

It may seem a small thing - but I actually finished it.

I am known to start things in a flurry of excitement only to loose interest halfway through and abandon a project..

So that's another reason I feel quite pleased with myself!

And during this process - which took two weeks in the end of doing a little sewing and often - with a few days in between of no sewing - due to the fact am in the process of a house renovation so am allowing that!

I've learnt lots of new things!

These are (in no particular order):

  • How to make a pocket
  • How to use the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine and that my machine has a 'bl' error code which stands for button lever - and that my machine has one that has to be engaged for the buttonhole foot to work (thank you google)
The special buttonhole foot
  • How to use a twin needle which I used on the arm cuffs
  • About the importance of constantly pinning and pressing (even if it feels like a phaff - it's so worth it)
  • Taking my time.  As soon as I start to get frustrated with the sewing/project - to stop and do something else! It took me three goes to do two of the six buttonholes as for some reason my machine kept getting 'stuck' but I got there in the end after lots of unpicking and trying again.
Sewing the buttonholes
  • To ask for help! Thank you to Joelle and Sue for the help with getting a neat and flat collar as part of the first sew-a-long we had last week. (This would have prob. been about the point I would have abandoned a project in the past!)
Messy collar - before!
Neat collar - afterwards!
  • Clipping seams! (applies to collar comment above)
  • Having the support and encouragement from all the super people who have joined me on this 'journey into dressmaking'! So thank you!
  • Measuring the fabric before starting - and not just *thinking* there will be enough. Although it has turned out well really as I used up other bits of shirt fabric I had around the house. 
  • Having to adapt the pattern as I didn't have enough fabric to make long sleeves - so made short ones instead
Using fabric I had around the house for the 'detail' bits
  • Making things yourself is very satisfying. And to take a few moments to say 'I Made That' and be pleased with yourself - is a good thing to do!!
  • This nightshirt didn't cost me any ££s to make - I already had everything I needed! It cost me in 'time' but I think that was time well spent.
  • That I can do it, it was fun and I'm excited about making my next item!

Back view of the nightshirt


  1. You did a great job & how satisfying to have learned so many new skills!

    1. Thanks Viv! ;-) Next project will involve a zip fitting!!! eek!

  2. What a lovely nightshirt with the little twists of mismatched buttons and contrasting edgings!

    I like your challenge too. I too am taking on a wardrobe challenge this year - rationing myself to wartime quantities, but made harder by penalising anything that is not made from sustainable materials. In practice, I shall be making most of my clothes myself to maximise the eco and ethical credentials of each item. I'll even be trying my hand at making undies...!

    Have fun with your year of new skills and gorgeous clothes!

    1. Thank you! your challenge sounds fab - I've actually been reading about ration book clothing recently and I did hear a 'Fashion on the Ration' challenge - which was based on that! Was very interesting.
      Good luck with yours and I look forward to seeing what you make!!

  3. Congratulations Morwhenna!! Hat's off to you.


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