Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Here's to a colourful 2013 - full of creativeness!

Here's to an exciting 2013 everyone!!

I stopped making new year's resolutions a long time ago as I never stuck to them... For example; one that's been on my list for years is to learn to play my guitar! So this year I'm looking for things more 'long term' - I'm of course going to be continuing with this project - along with the rest of you lovely Love What You Wear folks! Hurrah!  And I do have some other things I'd like to do too like - finish my personal coaching course, spend at least two weeks on an art placement somewhere and have a pop-up shop - which will have workshops run by different artists, as well as myself. That's just three of a very long list!!)

So back to this project - for myself really, I'm just going to recap here what my goals for this project are:

Things I’m going to make
  • A skirt 
  • A maxi-dress 
  • PJs 
  • Summer Linen Trousers 
  • An evening dress 
  • Three summer tops 
  • Crochet a shawl
  • Knit some socks
  • Make some knickers! (I know I’d excluded underwear from this challenge – but figured I’d have a go!)

Things I’ll have a go at
  • How to use the button foot on my sewing machine
  • Freehand machine embroidery
  • How to crochet
  • Improve my knitting and be able to follow a pattern
  • Dying with natural plant dyes
  • How to make my own patterns
  • Spin some yarn from a real live animal! Doesn't have to be a sheep! 

Anything else I do will be a bonus! (and if you've been following you might have seen that so far I've been good at collecting all the materials together but have yet to make anything. Although my jumper2cardi is nearly finished!

How about you? How are you doing with your list? And is there anything different you want to try in 2013 that wasn't on your original list? Share below!

Plus! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who has joined me on this challenge at our celebration party in November this year!!


  1. I've got a few of the same things on my list. Will blog about it soon. Good luck! What are you planning to try first?

    1. Will be a night shirt! feel that's a bit safer for some reason than an A-line skirt!! crazy!

  2. I'm rubbish at New Year's resolutions! You have lots of fun stuff on your list. I haven't made a list, but I do plan to keep learning to sew clothes & will try to make sure each thing I make adds a new skill. Looking forward to seeing how LWYW pans out for all of us in 2013.

    1. Yeah I gave up on those years ago! I do like a list and hope that by reminding myself of it - it will help spur me on to making/ doing everything that's on it!


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