Friday, 11 January 2013

Little and often, that's my new motto

Sewing in the collar
I am making progress on my nightshirt and it's going well. Hurrah! I'm really enjoying it and actually look forward to the next step! It's rather exciting seeing it taking shape! 

So this week I committed to doing something - no matter how small - on this project each day. 

The collar!
The only day I didn't do anything was on Tuesday - but that's because I was out all afternoon and in the evening was learning how to make bread! Which was Brilliant!! (check out The Square Food Foundation, Bristol, where I did the class - I really recommend them!)

Anyway - back to the nightshirt! So I am currently up to step no.6 of 14!

I have actually (for once) followed the instructions - well ok I haven't used interfacing. But that's the only thing. Time will tell if that makes a big difference.

This week I have learnt: 

how to make breast pockets - and use a template to get a round(ish) edge - don't look too closely!

Put in a collar. At first I thought I was sewing it in the wrong way - but pinning everything and checking it really has helped 

Been creative as I mentioned in the last post - I didn't actually have enough fabric and cut out one of the front interfacing panels the wrong way around - so have used bits of fabric to make them long enough - has a bit of a Dr.Who look about it wouldn't you say?

I have pinned in the front interfacing ready to be sewn, and once I have done that will sew in the sleeves, make the cuff bands for the sleeves, sew up the hem, make button holes and add the buttons. Then it will be finished! I already know what I want to make next!! 

Doing it this way has certainly made it more manageable for me personally and not so overwhelming/scary!

How are you getting on with your projects?

Getting creative as I didn't have enough fabric!
First sewn on pocket! with umm *nicely* rounded
corners...that's going to take practice me thinks!!


  1. Love your fabric choices - it has a real vintagey feel - looking forward to Tuesday evening, and planning to 'finally' get started on my 're-shaping a jumper' project :)

    1. Thanks Hilary - it's actually turning out better than I expected as I rather like the fabric now! Looking forward to seeing your finished jumper!

  2. I came to your blog from Hilary's Lemon Loves post for her Liebster Award. This pajama top you've sewn (are sewing) looks fabulous. I love how you've mixed the fabrics. And what a great idea to sew a little every day. Sometimes I think I will finish a huge project all at once, begin, run out of steam, and it takes me ages to get back to it. Slow and steady is a better idea. Congrats on receiving the Liebster Award.

  3. Thank you so much Nancy! Was the same for me and I knew I needed to get started so small chunks of time to sew has worked!


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