Friday, 12 April 2013

The Shirt Scarf

My sewing adventures have been perked up somewhat by the arrival on our screens of the BBC2 programme - The Great British Sewing Bee. Hurrah! Are you watching it too? What do you think?

(plus that fact I was going to be giving a talk/demo on 'how many things can you make from a men's shirt?' - to a craft club - so I wanted to make a another thing to go with my current collection!)

So I got my machine out and wanted to have a play around and not be focused on making up a pattern. So going 'Freestyle' if you like!

Looking at the pile of shirt off-cuts I have - I thought I know! I'll make a scarf! I'd seen some patchwork kinda scarves recently so thought I would have a go at making my own. 

First I chose my colours. I had three to start with - but then decided I would stick to the two - stripes and plain. And would use a nice orange thread to jazz it up a bit. 

What to do with these off cuts?
Then I looked at the scarfs I already had to decide on the width and length. I went for 18inches / 45cm for the width - and length wise decided to see how I went until I got the length I liked - or ran out of material!.

So I ironed and then cut a load of 'panels' of different depths..

laying out the panels
And laid them out in a rough design. Made me think of a cityscape so had a bit of a play when sewing on the panels..

Experimenting with a 'cityscape' design
plus I made it so that it could be worn either way - so one side looks 'deconstructed' so can have two different looks. (I'll post a pic of me or someone wearing it when I get a decent picture!)

Finished scarf - side 1
Finished scarf - side 2
the 'rough' or deconstructed side...

'deconstructed' side
And I used the shirt plackets to add weight and a finished edge to the scarf..

Using the shirt plackets to finish the ends

It did take me a good few hours as I enjoyed trying different stitches and I did press each seam after joining each panel. If everything was cut out and ready then it would be a nice quick project I think! 

Only thing is - I don't think the colours suit me! So might end up using it as a table runner instead...will def make another one now though - using blue stripe shirts I think. ;-)


  1. I love your shirt scarf, but I could definitely see it as a table runner too! My mum made a couple of quilts last year from men's shirts she had bought in charity shops & they were lovely.

  2. Thanks Viv! how are you getting on? xx

  3. Hi, have found your blog via Pretty Nostalgic magazine - great concept. I definitely want to sew more clothes this year so will keep checking on your progress!

    1. Hello there! Thank you for stopping by and look forward to hearing about your progress too! I'd got too ambitious so have gone back to simple things again now for a while!

  4. Wonderful project, great colours here, very Paul Smith-esque with the stripes

    1. Thank YOU very much Erica - ooh yes it is isn't it!


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