Monday, 29 April 2013

Finally - Part 2!

The pattern I used
And here's the other project I finished this weekend (after it being around unfinished for the best part of around three years!!) So it felt really, really good to finally get it finished. 

I used a New Look pattern - design E and used fabric from a men's shirt, not sure if you can see the thin red stripes very clearly? See the pocket on the back - thought that added an interesting if impractical detail! Good place for some secret chocolate as Hilary from Lemon Loves suggested! 

And am really pleased with how it has turned out. The bits I had to finish off were sewing in the sleeves and adding a popper and button at the back as the trim I used wasn't actually long enough to make a loop so I improvised. It didn't actually take me that long to finish once I put my mind to it and now I have a new top to wear! Hurrah!

Front and back of finished top! Hurrah!  hmm seems to highlight the fact I've been eating way too make cakes though...! oops! Say why aren't I smiling in this picture?!! ;-0 
I'll certainly use this pattern again - and think I'll make a variation of it, maybe the one without the sleeves as I have some patterned linen that used to be a skirt that I think would work. 

Yippee! Going back to simple sewing projects has given me a perk to get back on the sewing horse.  

How many unfinished jobs have you got lying around? - don't panic - don't mean that to overwhelm you - but why not pick one and finish it? It feels soooo good! 


  1. That's a sweet little top - love the neckline & the pocket is a quirky touch!

  2. Thank you Viv! It even got it's first outing last night. Am really pleased with it. How are you getting along?

    1. I've ground to a halt a bit with the dressmaking...have a dress and a skirt pattern to tackle but keep procrastinating! In the meantime though, my mum has made me another dress so it's not all bad ;-)


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