Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Half way!

Wow. so half way through a year of not buying any new clothes. Whoo Hoo! 

MASSIVE well done to every single one of you also taking part! 

So how's it going?

Well, some ups and downs.

I started with LOADS of energy and really got into it, but by February must admit to having worn myself out just a tad. 

I've made somethings which I wouldn't have if I'd not started this project. And even though I might not have made as much as I would have liked to - I'm still going to congratulate myself for what I've done so far. 

It is so easy to focus on the 'have nots' - but scrap that *$%*£!$ - lets see what's good! 

So here we go...A top 10..in no particular order!!

  1. Made a nightshirt - which I still really like
  2. Learnt some new skills - inc. using my button foot - hurrah!
  3. Made a pillowcase dress for 'Dress-a-girl around the world
  4. Discovered I'm a pear shape and had my colours done
  5. *Tried* making two dresses - but realised I was being over ambitious so have gone back to basics!
  6. Finished a top I'd been meaning to for the past three years..And have already worn it to a gig!
  7. Altered a dress I bought from a charity shop last year
  8. Started researching Flawns of St.Ives where my mum worked in the 60s
  9. Been inspired by the amazing creations by those who are taking part in this challenge - check out the pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/morwhenna/love-what-you-wear-project-i-made-this/
  10. Saved money! (am not sure exactly how much - so will work that out!) & had FUN!

I've also created a short 'half-way survey' to find out exactly how everyone else has been getting on and will share their fabulous achievements over the next few days. Hurrah!

Here's a link to the survey: Half way survey!

This is really a short post to stop and look at what we've all achieved so far and to have a think about the next six months - which is what I'm doing now with a glass of wine in hand! 


  1. Have you seen pip Lincolnes book sew la tea do? That's got some really simple clothes patterns in it. I've just got it so hopefully will be making dresses really soon!

    1. ooh thank you for that suggestion. I will take a look!


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