Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Made, Nearly Made and Mended

At the beginning of this project I had high hopes and ambitions about the things I would make throughout the year. Well - like a lot of things - it hasn't quite turned out like that and that's actually totally OK. I'm more aware than ever how I underestimate how long things might take and overestimate what's actually possible! That said I've totally loved this project. ;-)

Here's a breakdown of what I've made, nearly made (i.e started but not finished yet...!) and mended. All things I wouldn't have done had I not started this project. So I'm happy! I'm also happy about how the other lovely folks who joined me on this adventure have found the year - Read Viv's round up on her blog HERE

Here's my roundup...


Nightshirt, top from a men's shirt and a scarf from shirt scraps


Two dresses from 1970s patterns a jumper 2 cardi conversion...
There are a few more things in this category that I don't have photos for yet - a Thai silk skirt and another top...! Do you like the 1970s style colour I've given the photos!! ;-)


Golden joinery on a t-shirt and top and buttons sewn back onto a jacket..
I've also mended some green trousers, Cerys puppy leads (she likes to chew through them) and a couple of pairs of my fella's shorts! There are also some items awaiting 'mending' right now...


Badge into brooch and long dress into skirt/short dress - I wore this a lot as a skirt over the summer

oh yes and I did have a go at learning to crochet...I made a lovely Beret for Timmy Cat...

My attempts at crochet...

Looking at these items - along with what I spent over the year - which you can read here - It really makes me realise how little I actually need and how I made the clothes I already have work much harder. 

I still have things to be altered and patterns to be made up and I don't feel I have missed out at all during the past year. In fact I feel richer as a result. 

I've met some truly fantastic people, learnt new skills, seen sheep have their hair cut and changed the way I think about clothes. I'd recommend everyone give this a try - even for a short time and see what benefits it could bring you. ;-)


  1. Well done Morwhenna! I haven't quite met all of my targets even though I haven't actually bought anything new so I'll be giving it another few months (year?). Many thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration!!

  2. Thank you! Well I'd say you've done it if you've not bought anything new! So well done to you too! cool that you are going to carry on! And you are very welcome - its been a pleasure xx


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