Monday, 21 October 2013

10 days to go!

With less than two weeks to go till the end of this project (wow a year has gone past...!) I've been totting up what I've spent. It was a shock. 


I've checked and re-counted as I thought Really??? It still came to £108.23!

I worked out a rough comparison had I bought each item new and that total is £918. WOW! 

Although this project wasn't really about saving money, I am amazed at how little I have spent and how little I have actually bought. Especially considering I've been to some big celebrations this year - a wedding and a 40th birthday, which would usually have resulted in a shopping spree.

So what have I bought? All these items have been purchased from charity shops...

In no particular order:

  • Pink Monsoon Silk Dress £12
  • Jigsaw Jumper £20
  • Checked fabric £2.95
  • Charity shop haul of wool spools and LOADS of patterns £17
  • Vintage trimmings from Frome £5
  • Marilyn Moore striped skirt and Tu top £2
  • Brown Next cords £3
  • Trousers £2.99
  • Fabric £3.25
  • Black Next Linen Trousers £4.99
  • Sari fabric £2.50
  • Jumper £1.75
  • Hardy Amies Saville Row grey striped Trousers £6 !!
  • Orange long cardi £5.95
  • White skirt £4.95
  • White Scarf £2
  • Red stripe cardi £3.95
  • Blue evening top £3.95
  • Ollie and Nic Bag £4


Some of my LWYW purchases

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