Friday 1 November 2013

So - What's Next? Lets go for some 1930s Glamour!

Today marks the end of this project and the beginning of a new one!

Over the past week I've been doing a roundup of my LWYW year and sharing some posts from the lovely ladies who've also taken part. Here's a post from the super talented Joelle Harris and her experience so far...I'll be sharing more of these over the coming weeks. 

As I've already said - I've really enjoyed it and it almost feels like just the start as I didn't make as many things as I'd planned. 

So a 'New' project I hear you say? Well YES! 

On one of my first posts last year I wrote:  I also have a little dream.....

To go to the amazing Burgh Island off the coast of Devon, wearing the clothes I've made and in particular, a 1930s inspired evening gown....It is crazily expensive though.....well, a girl can dream! ;-)
ooh and to go with my handmade gown - some handmade shoes! That would be lovely! ;-)

Well this Dream now has a date - November 2014

When I added up my spend for the year of this project and discovered how little I'd spent, it dawned on me that I CAN do this! I can totally go to Burgh Island and turn this dream into a reality! That was an exciting moment I can tell you!

This is what I'm going to do...I'll be carrying on with this project - with a focus on the 1930s which will culminate in a trip to Burgh Island to celebrate my 40 birthday at the end of November next year! I've already booked it. This is the first time I've ever booked something so far in advance! 

Destination November 2014 - Burgh Island

I think I've always had a love for this era which was really recently re-ignited by my interest in finding out more about Crysede Silks, again as a result of this project. I'm going to aim to create some of the patterns inspired by Crysede and make at least one item to wear for my Birthday celebrations next year. Very excited about that! Look - I'm *trying* not to overestimate what I can do...There's a whole host of ideas popping around in my head I can tell you!!

Something like this maybe...

I have already met a textile designer who's interested in helping me - so we'll see where that will go...I would like to use natural dyes and organic fabrics - so I think there will be some (lots?) of experimentation...

I'm not even a particularly glamorous person on a daily basis. As I work from home - so can wear my nightshirt (homemade!) and dressing gown if I want to!! Not that I do... I do like getting dressed up now and again and when thinking around this project the words 'A Year of Living Glamorously' and 'The Art of Dressing' popped into my head...and appealed to me..and questions like What was it like living in the 1930s? What things can I learn from that era that I can apply to my life now? 

1930s - the Golden Age. Crysede silks

I also want to find out what the family connection to Emily Woolcock is and maybe host a 1930s style supper club... Thankfully my fella is well up for this too! I do already have a 1930s cookbook which I bought in February this year - before I'd even had this idea..Guess it had already been percolating in the background...! 

I'm still thinking about all the details - films, literature, what was Bristol like in the 30s there's lots of scope. I'm not planning on living exactly like a 1930s lady - but will apply things as I find out more about that time.

The 1934 cookbook - rook pie anyone?

So that's it - this is my next adventure with Love What You Wear! If you fancy channeling your inner Greta Garbo or Ginger Rogers or for any fellas - Fred Astaire - then why not join the journey and apply a bit of 1930s glamour to your life too. ;-)

I'm told...'it is almost impossible to be overdressed at Burgh Island' oooh wonderful!!

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