Saturday, 9 February 2013

The joy of discovering new places

Today we went to Frome in Somerset. Wow!

What a fascinating place and a real Aladdin's cave for all things vintage and crafty!! I love going to new places and finding delights like this!

My photos don't really do the place justice - with it's winding streets and old signs on the buildings. But hopefully you'll get the idea...

Went in to this shop...

Lots of delights!

and bought some lovely vintage trimmings for £5

Zoë, the lovely lady working there (who is a fashion designer and has her own eco-label called 'collect-me' which you can read about here) very kindly gave me lots of tips about where to get information about natural dying and some other blogs to look at that I might find helpful as part of this project!! I just love it - you never know who you'll meet!

Also found some short stay toilets. Couldn't find the long stay ones though....;-0

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